Mental Health and Wellness is a long neglected topic. Mental Illness to some is a scary dark issue, and this stigma is perpetuated by media portrayals of those with mental health issues being "psychopaths" or being "locked up". We need to focus on Mental Health, and reducing this stigma. When someone goes into a general hospital people buy them grapes, flowers and go visit, when someone goes into a psychiatric hospital, people tend to stay away and not know what to say or do. When the person in general hospital comes out we go over with casseroles and offers of help, when the person in a psychiatric hospital comes home, they are often left alone. What would you do if one of your employees, students or friends were to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital? 

Mental Illness is rarely different than a physical illness. Reassurance and support is mostly all that is required. Many of the mental illnesses are caused by a chemical imbalance, in this respect its not unlike someone with say...diabetes. It is just our own fears that get in the way. Learning about mental health and illness is key to getting rid of this stigma and educating ourselves, and our colleagues is vital to a good working environment. Like most illnesses prevention is important, and its important to keep our schools and businesses mentally healthy places to be.


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